What to Expect During Treatment

Chemical peels can be performed during a quick and easy in-office session. For medium-depth peels, a topical anesthetic will either be prescribed for you to apply before your appointment or it may be applied in the office, so that you’re comfortable. Then, your skin will be cleaned and made ready for treatment. The chemical solution is brushed over your skin and left for a specific amount of time while it exfoliates. Finally, when necessary, the peeling solution is neutralized, and post-procedure cream is applied to protect and assist your skin in recovery. The length of your chemical peel session will depend on the depth of your peel— a longer session will mean a deeper peel. Before you leave, you’ll receive detailed aftercare instructions on how to care for your skin.

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Meet Our Clara Team

Chemical peels are an excellent way to keep your skin radiant. To learn more about the right chemical peel treatments for you, we invite you to contact our office by calling or booking online.

There are few treatment options that can improve your skin texture and tone like a chemical peel. Whether you want to add a regular “refresher” treatment to your regimen or address specific concerns, chemical peels are a very versatile and customizable option that can achieve glowing, healthy skin. With the help of your board certified dermatologist, you can create a personalized chemical peel package for your specific skincare goals and achieve your best skin yet.

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How does a Chemical Peel work?

A chemical peel is a skincare treatment in which a solution is brushed on the skin to chemically exfoliate it. Chemical solutions usually include active ingredients that are more concentrated than the ones you might use in your at-home regimen. This helps clear away debris and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin at a controlled depth. Chemical peels are categorized according to their depth of treatment, so you can opt for a light, superficial peel or a medium-depth peel to address deeper skin concerns. We usually prescribe an at-home pre-peel treatment for 4-6 weeks before your scheduled peel that allows a more even and effective peel result.

Chemical Peel Maintenance

Taking care of your skin after a chemical peel is an important step in maintaining your results. In general, you should keep your skin moisturized with light, unscented products and use sunscreen daily. This is because chemical peels can make your skin photosensitive. You’ll experience some redness and peeling in the days following your chemical peel session (although this can last longer depending on the depth of your peel) and it’s important not to pick or scrub at your skin during this time. After your skin clears, you’ll see a noticeable glow and improvement in concerns like pigmentation and fine lines. Although you’ll discuss your best chemical peel treatment package with your dermatologist, it’s generally recommended to space your treatments to approximately one month.

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