Clara Dermatology was founded in 2020 by Dr. Rebecca Bialas and Dr. Joanna Hooten with an aim to prioritize the relationship and connection with our patients. Clara Dermatology’s mission is to provide the highest quality, science-based, holistic skincare to our patients in a modern, relaxed setting.

Our Philosophy

  • We treat all patients with compassion and respect
  • We strive to develop a genuine connection with our patients
  • Every patient is a person with a unique life story, situation, and skincare needs. We will base your treatment plan on your individualized needs.
  • Smart, science-based treatments are the backbone of our care. We are always learning and will integrate this knowledge continually into our practice!
  • Your skin is a reflection of your overall health. We focus on both skin and total body wellness, and incorporate natural treatments where possible.
  • We believe cosmetic treatments should always enhance your natural beauty, not make you look artificial or like someone else.