Laser Photofacial

Broad band light to reduce brown spots and background redness for brighter skin




1 week

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Reducing brown and red discoloration and evening out skin tone

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Common Questions

Laser photofacials, using broad band light, are an excellent, effective way to achieve clear and healthy skin.

Sun spots and background redness develop over time as a result of accumulated sun exposure on our skin. In this treatment, we use broad band light to target and clear both sun spots / brown spots and background redness in the skin. Because the wavelengths of light used are specific to their targets, they can destroy the brown and red color without damaging surrounding tissue. We will apply a cool gel to the skin, and then use the laser to deliver light energy to the skin. You will feel a mild snapping and warm sensation that is generally well tolerated. This light treatment is safe in most skin types.

The Laser Photofacial is most commonly performed on the face, however it can also be used on the chest, neck or hands and leaves skin clear and radiant.

Avoid sun exposure in the 4 weeks prior to your treatment. Avoid use of self-tanners.

Come to your appointment well-hydrated and with a clean face. If you’re wearing products or makeup when you arrive, our cleansers are available in the office for you to use.

We do not recommend treatment with lasers during pregnancy.

Schedule your treatment 2 weeks prior to a special event, to be sure skin is fully healed.

After cleaning the skin, we will apply a cool gel to the treatment area. When the laser handpiece is applied to the treatment area, you will feel a mild snapping sensation and warmth in the skin. You will have cold air to direct at areas that feel warm during treatment. Afterward, we will apply a soothing post-procedure cream and/or sunscreen to the treated areas.

Redness and mild swelling may be present after the treatment. Brown spots will become darker and look like “peppering” on the skin about 48 hours after treatment; allow these to flake off on their own. Do not pick or scratch at the skin while it is healing. Avoid sun exposure and use lots of SPF to maintain your results after treatment!

Multiple treatment sessions may be required for best results. Treatments can be repeated every 4-6 weeks, then seasonal or annual maintenance treatments are recommended.

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