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Whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth, Clara Consult time is yours to discuss and address medical concerns, cosmetic treatments, home routines, and more





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$100 for removal of benign growths with snipping, LN2, cautery | $100 shave removal

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Common Questions

The CLARA Consult is your time, so come with your questions and concerns, and we will address them all as time allows!

During the consult, we may have you change into a gown if we need to perform a skin check, or we may spend the visit discussing a treatment plan or your skin care regimen. We will make sure you leave prepared to take good care of your skin, with questions answered, a written plan for products and treatments, and any prescriptions you may require.

Nope! A CLARA Consult is meant to be all-inclusive, and to address whatever your skincare concerns may be, from the medical to the surgical to the cosmetic. Similarly, the CLARA Consult is appropriate for brand-new patients, and for patients who are back for their fiftieth visit (we love you, too).

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We’re committed to giving you the time and attention you need without red tape or insurance restrictions. That means upfront pricing, clear language, and no billing surprises.

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Laser resurfacing is a skincare treatment using laser energy to improve the texture and tone of the skin (for wrinkles, scarring, etc).
The CLARA Everyday Facial is our way of taking a personalized approach to your skin’s needs and customizing a revitalizing, purifying and relaxing treatment.
A chemical peel is a process of applying a chemical solution to your skin to address your concerns and to improve the appearance of your skin.

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