5 (or 6) Unique Uses for Neurotoxin

As a muscle relaxant, neurotoxins can be used for various concerns throughout the body. Keep reading to learn about all the different ways neurotoxins could benefit you!

You’ve probably heard of neurotoxins (like Botox or Dysport) as a popular way to help soften lines on the face, most often on the forehead, between the brows (the glabella), and the crow’s feet. But did you know that neurotoxins have a host of other unique uses? As a muscle relaxant, neurotoxins can be used for various concerns throughout the body. Keep reading to learn about all the different ways neurotoxins could benefit you!


Under Eye “Jelly Roll”
When you smile or squint, fine lines can form under the eye from the repeated contraction of the muscle around the eye (called the orbicularis oculi). Over time, you can also get a small bulge under the eye known as a “jelly roll.” Very small amounts of neurotoxin can be precisely placed under the eye to help reduce movement in the orbicularis oculi muscle, and allow the jelly roll bulge to smooth out. This procedure can also help eyes to appear more open when smiling. Injections are quick and can last up to 4 months.

Gummy Smile
Do you see a lot of your gums when you smile? Neurotoxin can be a quick and easy solution for balancing out your smile. A tiny injection of neurotoxin into the muscles that move the upper and/or lower lips can relax these muscles, and results last several months. Come in for neurotoxin to restore confidence in your beautiful smile!

Jawline Reshaping and TMJ Pain
Neurotoxins can be injected into the masseter muscle, the powerful muscle at the corner of the jaw used for chewing. This muscle can become tense or enlarged from years of chewing, teeth grinding, clenching the jaw, or dental issues; it can also be enlarged due to your genetics. An enlarged masseter muscle can cause pain like headaches, and can also give the face a more square appearance. Neurotoxin injection into this muscle can relax it, reduce teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and pain, and can elongate and slim the facial shape. The procedure is a highly effective, non-surgical way to improve facial appearance and reduce pain.

Mesobotox for Accordion Lines and Neck Lines
“Accordion lines” are the concentric lines that start around the mouth and extend onto the lateral cheeks, seen with smiling. To smooth the appearance of these lines without affecting your ability to smile, we use very superficial injections of diluted neurotoxin in very small amounts over the area of the lateral cheeks. These diluted injections can also be performed on the lower jaw and neck to smooth lines in those areas as well. This technique is known as “mesobotox” or “microbotox”. Neurotoxin injections in these areas can be combined with a filler like Sculptra to encourage your body to produce new collagen and volumize the areas.

Excessive Sweating: Armpits, Hands… and Scalp?
Tired of sweating through your shirt, or damp handshakes? Try neurotoxin injections to reduce excessive sweating. Neurotoxins can prevent the overactive sweat glands from producing sweat, leaving your armpits or hands dry, and you, happy. Best of all, these injections tend to be long-lasting – some patients can go 6-9 months between treatments. We’ve even seen a trend of getting neurotoxin injections into the crown of the head to reduce scalp sweating, and maintain your blowout!

And a bonus:

Relieve Depression
How’s this for good news: a 2014 study found that getting neurotoxin injections in the area between the brows – known as the glabella – reduced symptoms of depression in over half of the patients studied. Don’t stop those sessions with your therapist just yet, but consider this one additional reason to be happy about your visit to your dermatologist!



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