What to Expect During Treatment

After cleaning the skin, we will apply a cool gel to the treatment area. Then the laser handpiece is applied to the treatment area, and light energy pulses break up the pigment and redness in your skin. Since this process can generate heat, the laser handpiece includes a cooling process to protect your skin from damage. You will feel a mild snapping sensation in the skin. The treatment typically takes about 30 minutes. Afterward, we will apply a soothing post-procedure cream and/or sunscreen to the treated areas.

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Meet Our Clara Team

Laser photofacials, using broadband light, are an excellent, effective way to achieve clear and healthy skin. To begin creating your personalized treatment package, we invite you to meet with our team by calling or booking online.

Laser photofacials can be effectively used for several different skin concerns, including brown spots and background redness, and are a great option for reversing sun damage and boosting collagen in aging skin.

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How does Laser Photofacials work?

Sun spots and background redness develop over time as a result of accumulated sun exposure on our skin. In this treatment, we use broadband light to target and clear both sun spots / brown spots and background redness in the skin. Because the wavelengths of light used are specific to their targets, they can destroy the brown and red color without damaging surrounding tissue. We will apply a cool gel to the skin, and then use the laser to deliver light energy to the skin. You will feel a mild snapping sensation that is generally well tolerated. This light treatment is safe in all skin types, and is most commonly done as a facial, however it can also be used on the chest or hands and leaves skin clear and radiant. If you’ve never had a photofacial, consider scheduling a consult with our board-certified dermatologists first to maximize your results and answer any questions. 

Maintain Your Results

Taking proper care of your skin after a laser photofacial is very important. Light treatment can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun, so it’s extremely important to wear sun protection and avoid UV exposure. Your treatment area will have some redness and crustiness for a few days afterward. You should keep these areas moisturized and protected to prevent scarring and speed up healing. We will recommend post-procedure products for you to apply at home. Broadband Light Photofacials are extremely effective and can reduce brown spots and redness significantly with only one or two treatment sessions. During your consultation with your board-certified dermatologist, we will discuss the best treatment package for your individual goals.

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