What to Expect During Treatment

Microtox Facials with our expert team will begin with a gentle salicylic acid chemical peel to break up oil and prime the skin for the microinfusion. Next a small microchanneling device filled with vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and neurotoxin (Botox) is gently stamped into the skin, delivering the skin-boosting serum into the top layers of the skin. A microinfusion takes about 30 minutes and typically is a slightly prickly, but very tolerable sensation. Your skin will become pink-red during the treatment and this lasts for 45-60 minutes following your treatment. Once the redness has resolved, you will have a glowing, refreshed, bright complexion.

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Meet Our Clara Team

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Do you feel like your skin needs a little pick-me-up? Do you look in the mirror and see dark circles, or large pores? Whether your skin feels dry, oily, sallow, or dull, a Microtox Facial can help. A cocktail of small molecules of hyaluronic acid (to plump the skin), small amounts of neurotoxin (to shrink pores), and vitamins (to brighten skin), work together to produce an all-over natural glow. Microtox Facials are great if you are new to the world of injectables and want to try something that will be effective, but not truly invasive. A Microtox Facial is also a great option for creating filter-like skin a few days before a special event. 

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Benefits of the Microtox Facial

  • Plumps skin
  • Refines pores
  • Decreases oil production
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces redness
  • Stimulates collagen production over time

How does a Microtox Facial work?

During a Microtox Facial, we will first perform a light salicylic acid peel to help tone and prime the skin, and break up oil in the pores. Then, a small device with many tiny microneedles is gently stamped into the skin, infusing a skin-boosting formula that can be custom blended using vitamins, hyaluronic acid filler, and neurotoxin (Botox). The microdroplets of this blended serum penetrate into the superficial layers of the skin to refine pores, tighten skin, and give a light boost in volume. The device has 20, titanium and 24K gold hollow needles that are almost as thin as a strand of hair (0.13 mm), and the treatment is painless and can be used even in the most sensitive areas (undereye). This is a great option for quickly improving your overall skin appearance with zero downtime and very little risk. The overall effect is a natural glow and a refreshed complexion that lasts up to 3 months.

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