The CLARA Everyday Facial is our way of taking a personalized approach to your skin’s needs and customizing a revitalizing, purifying and relaxing treatment. We believe that caring for the skin is a fundamental component of caring for the whole person – our Everyday Facial was designed to make good skin accessible to everyone. 

We start with analytics. Diana determines your skin type and evaluates for underlying issues such as dehydration, congestion, and inflammation. She uses these details to customize a treatment that will be most suitable for your skin. This is followed by a deep, infused steam to prepare skin to be cleansed and then, if appropriate, she softens and extracts debris. Following extractions, an LED light may be used to decrease bacterial overgrowth and inflammation. A mask specific to your skin concerns is then applied, followed by customized serums that are formulated with advanced, medical-grade ingredients to optimize your results. Finally, your skin is hydrated and infused with an ionized oxygen boost for an instant dewey glow. 

During the CLARA Everyday Facial, Diana will also review your current skincare routine (you’re welcome to bring your products) to ensure you are using ingredients that you need to maintain your results at home. This facial is a great way to jumpstart or revive your daily skincare routine.

We strongly believe that educating our patients is one of the best things we can do. Our goal with the CLARA Everyday Facial is for you to leave feeling restored, rejuvenated, and empowered to maintain Healthy. Skin. Everyday.

Book your CLARA Everyday Facial with Diana today. 


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