Platelet Rich Plasma: Hair Growth

The most powerful and complete platelet-rich plasma available to stimulate hair growth and prevent thinning




1-2 days

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SuperShot $300

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Common Questions

One week prior to your treatment, avoid NSAIDs (ibuprofen, aspirin) unless prescribed by your doctor.

Wash your hair the morning of your treatment; you will be asked not to wash it the night of your treatment.

Come to your appointment well-hydrated and make sure to eat something, as we will be drawing your blood!

We will perform a quick blood draw, then you get to relax while we prepare the PRP. When the PRP is ready, we will perform the injections into the targeted areas. We finish the treatment by lightly microneedling the scalp, to further stimulate wound healing and growth. You may feel a burning or stinging sensation during the injections, and a mild prickling sensation during the microneedling. We use numbing, ice, and cold air to keep you comfortable.

Your scalp will be tender the day of treatment and the following day. Treat yourself gently!

If you are using topical minoxidil, you can resume use immediately after treatment.

For discomfort the day of and after treatment, take Tylenol.

You can resume washing your hair the day following your treatment.

Avoid coloring your hair, chemical processing, and scalp massage for one week following treatment.

PRP should be repeated monthly for 3-4 months for best results, then maintenance treatments every 6-12 months.

After we draw your blood, we spin it in a centrifuge at high speed to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. After removing the golden plasma, we spin it down a second time to really concentrate the platelets and growth factors into a small amount of liquid – liquid gold as we like to call it! Data supports the double spin method as being more effective than single spin preparations.

If you’ve elected to add SuperShot, your plasma will even be spun a third time, this time to isolate and concentrate extra-cellular vessels and mRNA, which act as a blueprint to tell the growth factors where to go and what to do. We believe this makes our PRP process the most complete and powerful serum available.

Once this process is complete, we inject the PRP into the areas we want to stimulate growth.

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