What to Expect During Treatment

Your best treatment options will depend on the type of disorder and the underlying cause. In many cases, your dermatologist can prescribe medications based on your symptoms, but a surgical procedure may be required in some cases to either diagnose or treat a condition. Your board-certified dermatologist can discuss your best options during your consultation, as well as the best ways to prevent nail disorders from going forward. In some cases, problems with your nails can indicate an underlying health condition and your dermatologist can recommend your next steps in managing your health.

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Meet Our Clara Team

Nail disorders can be easily managed with the help of your dermatologist. To learn more about your treatment options and how to prevent complications, we invite you to meet with our team by calling or booking online.

Your nails play an important part in your everyday activities. They help you pick up objects and support your fingers and toes for all their important functions. They can also be a part of your cosmetic goals. There are a variety of disorders that can affect the appearance and growth of your nails and can even indicate an underlying health concern. Your board-certified dermatologist is the expert at treating all of these nail disorders.

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What Are Nail Disorders?

There are many different parts to the nail, including the nail plate, bed, matrix, lunula, cuticle, and nail fold. Different conditions and disorders can affect different parts of the nail, and nail disorders actually make up a significant number of skin conditions. Because the nails grow rapidly, some nail disorders can clear on their own. Others, however, will require some help from your dermatologist. This includes things like nail thickening, splitting or brittle nails, and discoloration. If you have pain or discomfort around your nails or you notice concerning changes in their color or shape, you should be sure to see your dermatologist.

Nail Disorder Maintenance

Many nail disorders can develop because of poor nail care habits, so your dermatologist can recommend the best ways to care for your nails as part of your overall skincare routine. Many different nail disorders can be managed with prescription medications and some at-home care. In cases requiring surgery, you’ll be given detailed aftercare instructions to follow. Your dermatologist will also make sure you know when to follow up and what to expect going forward.

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