How We Treat Hair Thinning

At Clara Dermatology, we offer a range of treatments for hair thinning. Platelet-rich plasma is one of the most effective treatment options for hair thinning. This option requires a package of quick and easy treatment sessions where a sample of your own blood is used to create a serum rich in growth factors that can be injected into areas of thinning. It works best to reverse the beginning signs of hair loss and can be easily combined with other prescription medications for the best results. It’s best to get started early when you notice hair thinning. This is because, as time goes on, it’s more difficult to restimulate hair follicles and produce growth. Although the outlook is good with options like PRP or at-home medications, you can expect to use them for the long-term to both stimulate growth and prevent hair loss. During your consultation, your dermatologist will give you the best idea of what to expect from your treatment plan, and how to achieve your particular goals.

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Hair thinning can be frustrating and can prevent you from looking and feeling your best. To learn more about your treatment options for hair thinning and loss, we invite you to meet with our expert team of board certified dermatologists by calling our office or making an appointment using our online booking.

Hair thinning usually means that your hair follicles have begun producing less hair and that the hair shafts become finer. Hair thinning is usually the first step in hair loss, and it can have a lot of different causes. This can include diet, stress, vitamin deficiencies, genetics, pregnancy, and certain medical conditions. It’s also normal to experience some hair thinning as you age. The good news is that hair thinning can often be reversed when treatment is started early.

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