How We Treat Fullness

A double chin can be addressed without surgery using Kybella®, an injectable option that can reduce submental fat with a package of treatments. Using a topical anesthetic, it’s injected in a grid pattern under the chin during a quick and easy injection session. Over time, the product damages fat cells so they can be naturally metabolized by your body. The result is a more sculpted, defined chin and jawline. Most patients require one or two sessions for best results, so we’ll make sure you understand your ideal treatment package during your appointment with our team.

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Pockets of fat under the chin and along the jawline can cause a lot of frustration, especially when it feels like diet and exercise don’t give you the results you want. Genetics certainly play a role in these areas of fat accumulation and they can be stubborn despite lifestyle modifications. A double chin can contribute to making you look heavier than you actually are, taking away from your features and natural contours. It’s normal to look for solutions, and you don’t always have to rely on surgery to get the results you want. At Clara Dermatology, we offer effective treatment options to help you achieve your cosmetic goals and feel like the best version of yourself.

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Characteristics of Fullness

  • Double chin
  • Jowls
  • Rounded lower face

A double chin can make it hard to feel confident in your profile when taking pictures or wearing certain types of clothes. When strict diet and exercise don’t get you the results you’re hoping for, our team at Clara Dermatology can create the ideal treatment plan for you and your goals using our best options. We offer some of the leading options on the market for non-surgical double chin reduction and can guide you through your best cosmetic options for long-lasting, confidence-boosting results.

What Causes a Double Chin?

A double chin can be caused by simple genetics, even if you’re otherwise at a healthy weight. This is because some people simply carry more fat underneath their chin which can be especially resistant to diet and exercise. Sometimes, a double chin can include loose skin, but this is usually the result of aging or weight loss.

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