How We Treat Excessive Sweating

At Clara Dermatology, we will do a thorough examination and explore when and where you are sweating, and how it is affecting your lifestyle. There are several effective ways that hyperhidrosis can be treated. Your dermatologist can prescribe antiperspirants, topical wipes, or oral medications to reduce sweating. Another type of effective treatment is an injection of a neurotoxin (ie Botox) that directly reduces sweat gland activity and prevents sweating in the treated area. We use ice and topical anesthetic to make sure you are comfortable during the injections. Results typically last for 3 to 6 months following treatment.

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Meet With Our Clara Team

Hyperhidrosis can be extremely difficult to live with. The good news is that you can get some relief with the right treatment from your dermatologist. To meet with our Clara team and learn more about how you can manage excessive sweating, we invite you to schedule an appointment by calling or booking online.

Sweating is a natural process of cooling the body, for instance when the weather is hot or during exercise. Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is sweating that occurs more frequently or in greater amounts than necessary for cooling. Sometimes excessive sweating can signify a problem inside the body related to hormones or nerve disorders, but most often it is due to overactivity of the temperature regulation center of the brain. Excessive sweating can be localized to specific areas of the body, like the underarms, palms, or scalp, or it can be generalized throughout the body. When you sweat in situations where it’s not necessary for your body, it can be embarrassing and cause you to feel uncomfortable wearing certain clothes or interacting in social settings. The good news is that excessive sweating is treatable with the help of your dermatologist.

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