What to Expect During a Skin Check

Before your skin check, we suggest that you remove any makeup or nail polish so that your dermatologist can get a clear view of your skin. You should also wear your hair loose so your dermatologist can check your scalp. You’ll undress and wear a gown so that your dermatologist can check every area of your skin for concerns. To get the most detailed view of your skin’s structure, your dermatologist will use a special magnifying light called a dermatoscope and will examine your skin closely to determine if there are any concerning areas that should be tested or treated. If you would like to discuss your skincare routine, feel free to bring along the products you are currently using to discuss with your dermatologist.

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A regularly scheduled skin check is one of the best ways to maintain healthy, beautiful skin. Schedule your visit with a dermatologist at Clara Dermatology today by calling or booking online.

A skin screening exam, or skin check, is one of the most effective ways to identify and treat skin cancer early and prevent its spread. Other skin concerns can also be identified and treated. At Clara Dermatology, your skin check will be performed by an experienced board-certified dermatologist. We will closely examine your skin, and spend time teaching you what to look for at home as well. We prioritize your privacy and comfort and have well-appointed, comfortable exam rooms where we conduct your skin screening exam. A skin check is also a great time to address your skincare routine to identify ways to keep your skin looking its best. We suggest a 30-minute office visit for all skin checks to allow time for a thorough examination and discussion or treatment of any concerns.

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