How We Treat Rashes

The first and most important step in treatment is determining what’s causing your rash. Your dermatologist will perform a thorough skin exam, and will discuss your general health, medications, lifestyle factors, and skin care products. A skin biopsy or blood testing is sometimes required.  From there, your dermatologist can develop a personalized treatment plan based on your results. Many rashes can be treated with over-the-counter or prescription medications like antihistamines or steroid creams, and some rashes can be prevented by avoiding triggers. We will make sure you have a good understanding of the treatment plan for your rash, no matter the cause.

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Meet With Our Clara Team

Rashes can be uncomfortable, and identifying the appropriate treatment for relief can require the help of your dermatologist. To meet with our team and learn more about your best options, we invite you to contact us by calling or booking online.

A rash is a general term that refers to a reaction in your skin producing inflammation, usually with redness, itching, or pain. A rash can look very different depending on the underlying cause. Some of the most common rashes include eczema (atopic dermatitis), seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis (allergic reactions). Sometimes rashes can be a sign of a problem inside the body. Rashes can be uncomfortable and require the help of your dermatologist for some relief, so it’s important to meet with our team and discuss your best options.

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Characteristics of Rashes

  • Often red, swollen, itchy or painful
  • Scaly and rough or smooth; bumps, blisters, or ulcers (sores)
  • Widespread or limited to a small area, or in a characteristic pattern on the skin
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