Board Certified Dermatologist, Co-Founder of Clara Dermatology 

Degrees & Experience

I received my B.S. in Biology from the University of Michigan and then attended Wayne State University School of Medicine, where I was inducted as a junior into the Alpha Omega Alpha honor society and graduated with high distinction. During my internship, I served as Chief Resident and was awarded “Intern of the Year.” I then completed my Dermatology Residency and Fellowship in Medical Dermatology at Duke University, where I served as Educational Chief Resident. During my residency, I was awarded a scholarship by the Women’s Dermatologic Society to complete a laser-specialty elective at Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery with Tina Alster. I also completed a special concentration for Leaders in Medicine at Duke.

I have authored numerous journal articles and book chapters on broad dermatology topics including skin cancers, immunosuppression, autoimmune diseases, special uses of Botox and integrative dermatology. My most recent book chapter was published in 2021 in Integrative Dermatology-Practical applications in Acne and Rosacea-this book offers the most up-to-date and evidence-based information surrounding integrative treatments for acne and rosacea. I love all aspects of dermatology and have a particular interest in taking a wholistic approach in caring for my patients.

The Fun Stuff

I have lived in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, and  Michigan. I met my husband while I was living in Ann Arbor, Michigan (where I also went to college). We moved back to North Carolina, so I could start Clara  Dermatology with Dr. Bialas. We have 3 crazy kids, who take up most of my spare time, in fact, Iʼm not even sure what spare time is anymore =) I love live music and live in a household of musicians. My family and I love to travel in our spare time, we have been to Iceland, Italy, Scotland, Paris and my goal is to explore all the continents with my family! 

Why I love Dermatology

I love the variety I see during the day—I see all ages and types of skin, I take care of families, and am able to develop long-term relationships with my patients. I also love skincare and have since I was little when my mom and I concocted homemade face and hair masks. Now I get to apply this passion to my practice to help people achieve their best skin. I love aesthetics. I love to make things pretty and better. As a kid, I would organize the shelves of the grocery store because I love to make things neat. I take this attention to detail and apply it to my practice.  

Crazy About

My daily cappuccino, Trader Joeʼs desserts, my husbandʼs cocktails 

Favorite Treatment

Microneedling + PRP—it’s a mildly invasive procedure with little downtime and improves skin texture, color and boosts collagen (and PRP can also help with hair loss)-I think of it as skin brightening, maintenance, and rejuvenation all in one! 

Favorite Product

Do I have to choose just one? Clara-The Cream is a powerful night cream, filled with growth factors, vitamin A and exfoliating compounds to  maximize overnight skin renewal in a single product 

Guilty Pleasure

Champagne, chocolate (+ an occasional bourbon)